My name is Mike and I'm new to programming in general. I dabbled with C++ a few years back, but gave up on it because simply I wasn't motivated enough.

Flash forward a few years (23 now) and I decided to take on Java. My first reason was to make Android apps to get out into the market and make some extra cash. But then it came down to the fact I wanted something that was MINE. Something that I had created..I'm sure you guys can relate.

Either way I been reading multiple sources for about 1 1/2 weeks now. It began with Sam's Java 6 in 21 days. Unfortunately book seemed to leave out so many factors, so I picked up "A Beginners Tutorial Java 7" by Budi Kurniawan. I recommend it to other beginners who might read this post. It goes into depth about OOP and how it works in Java,the book just lacks exercises.

I spend any free time I have reading through the book and other sources, trying to wrap my head around OOP (which I thought I understood and then it seemed to just not click anymore lol). Hopefully I'm not "over-studying", if there is such a thing. The more I learn about Java the more interested I become..so this trait will keep me motivated.

My goal is be well versed in basic Java within 8 months. (slightly above noob)

I plan on being a frequent member of the forum!
Oh and if you got any quick tips that helped you out with learn PLEASE let me know.