Hi there everyone!

I'm hailing from AZ and just thought it would be proper to pop in and say hello here!

I am a very green java programmer. I actually got into this because my father did years before. Now I've seen him make a phone app for three different smartphones and several other small programs. I want to learn to do a few things similar though really for me it's for personal edification than for any need to make a profit off of it or anything. I have a few things in mind I want to learn how to program, and through that I may graduate on to more complicated things. Sorry, I'm not hardwired into Java yet, but if I could learn html (back when it was almost all there was) at age 12 I think I could learn something more advanced now I'm older.

I would appreciate any suggestions, or pointers, the more experienced programmers may have for me. Feel free to message me or respond to my posts if you have any ideas. I particularly love working on those ingenious ways of approaching a given problem.

Thanks in advance!