I'm new here - dur and thought I would check in!

A little about myself and my goals:

I am 17 years old and have for the last year and a half been running a linux system (ubuntu) - which has been a steep and ever growing learning curve! I'v now decided its time i learned to program and really learn how to use my computer with the eventual goal of becoming a software enginner after a degree (or 2 ) in computer science and plenty more practice!!!

I have been playing about with C/++, Java, Python and Bash for a while now but never really put in the work.

However, I am really beginning to get more and more fancinated with computers and have decided Python and Java seem like a good place to start - in part because of there practical value and in part because most people seem to believe they are good 'starter' languages.

Any tutorial on learning any language, that I have read preches practice - more of it, tinkering and then having some fun. An ethos I like. So I hope within a few months I will be confident enough to start helping in some opensource projects, which will in turn make me a better programmer!

Thankyou for reading and any advice or pointers are always welcome