Hey guys,

My name is Adam, I live in South Africa and I'm 17 years old. <-- Epic grade 1 intro ?

Anyway this will be my second year for java programming. I find programming quite easy from time to time, but i find myself always looking for harder stuff to do.
Well I'm not an expert in programming yet, but I plan to be.

Maybe sometime I will post some of my work, At the moment i need to get my netbeans to start making JARs again(Don't know what is wrong with it).
For my career path, I'm looking towards becoming a game programmer or a software engineer. (Either way, I will be doing one university course for both)

Some important facts is, last my school teacher had a degree in teaching, not IT. So all in all, my class this year is suffering a lot due to the bad teacher we got last year. And I still confused about small basics.

Anyway enjoy.