So, like (stutters) hai!
Just wanting to say a couple of things about myself that I am a begginner Java programmer and can edit and easily read Java files and edit them, but takes a while for me to understand how to make them. My role model is all of Mojang as like that would be my dream job, but why would I be chosen.
I came here to actually ask a question so like I got hurry this up. If you can direct me into any good like learning areas on what is best to learn cause I have patience in learning and I just got on spring break Sorry for like the not very well structered thing since I type 60 W/PM.
Anyways something bigger, Mojang entirely drew my line in which language I was going to learn first (Java). I like how they are willing to help you with things too. I got Notch to send me to this gaming forum on a question I had.
So anyways if you read that thanks, if not thanks. Just all I came here for is seeking advice and help (maybe later being the experienced one)