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Thread: Page one!

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    Default Page one!


    Congratulations on the set up of the site, very easy, very professional and most welcoming.

    I am a total novice to Java and am just working through the on line tutorials, my programming experience was with a TRS COCO II using BASIC many, many years ago.

    I already have a query, if someone could "lend a Hand"


    here's my query, an extract from the tutorial page:-

    Consider the following code snippet:

    int i = 10;
    int n = i++%5;

    Question: What are the values of i and n after the code is executed?
    Answer: i is 11, and n is 0

    My problem is :- Does the second line (int n=1++%5 alter the original value of "i" in line one?
    I would have thought all it did was to set the value of n as i+1 leaving i = 10, then do the modulus part.

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    Default Re: Page one!

    Does the second line alter the original value of "i"
    Obviously it does considering the answer says the value of i is 11 not 10.

    You have to break the line down into steps. The right hand side of statement is evaluated first and it is evaluated left to right.
    int n = i++ % 5;
    1. Retrieve the value stored in variable i
    int n = 10 % 5; (i++ still has to happen and since it is postincrement it happens last)
    2. Perform mod calculation. 10 divided by 5 equals 2 with 0 left over.
    int n = 0; (i++ still has to happen)
    3. Increment i
    int n = 0;
    4. Assign result to n

    So we now can see that i has been incremented from 10 to 11 and 0 is assigned to n.
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