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Thread: A Dual loop and methods

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    Default A Dual loop and methods

    Hi all,
    Im getting to grips with some java but having trouble with this loop. I'll explain it just so we're on the same page

    im trying to create a loop whereby the time and velocity change each time. I have all the classes and methods necessary and compile up to this loop.

    By this i mean, i have the user to ask how many data points they wish to consider (excluding zero as a data point)
    i do this by
    double m = input.nextDouble(); 
    double step = t/m;

    In normal words time is divided by the number of data points hence this is ideal in the loop to us j+=step rather than say 1, 2, 3, 4... which restricts user ability and freedom.

    Now, because of the physics (don't worry - simple stuff), the velocity is going to change at each time step. I.e. initial values the user enters e.g. at t = 0, v = (1,0,0)

    Again don't worry about the vector, i have solved that part in terms of print, display and so forth.

    But how should i do this loop? Here was an attempt which failed:

    for(double j = 0; j < v; j+=step)/**needs two loops i.e. begins with t=0, u=v (in this case), then t = step, u = old vf, then t = 2step, u = (new)old vf ...*/
    				fetch.calcVelocityf(v, g, t);
    				v = fetch.getVelocityf(v, g, t);
    				System.out.print(v.returnString() + "\t");
    				for (double i = 0; i < t; i+=step) 

    In reality terms i want it to give me the velocity and time at each step (data point, user entry see above) and have it sent to print.
    I believe the time approach is fine, but unsure on the velocity, v as it is a vector hence j < v means nothing as one is double and the other Vector clas assigned.

    Ps don't worry about g, that is the acceleration - also needed!

    fetch is from:
    Vector fetch = Vector(); [This is the class i use to make them as vectors, print as vectors via returnString etc]
    velocityf is simly final velocity which in this case is changing up until we get the correct number of data points.

    If you feel like i could be more informative let me know

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    Default Re: A Dual loop and methods

    Welcome rarman,

    Excellent first post, thank you for actually making it so!

    Now if I understand your question correctly you are trying to figure out what your conditional statement for your first for loop is, you are going to require a finishing point, which unless I missed you don't seem to have defined, thise could be a t value or a velocity value.


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