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Thread: restricting my loop to specific IP addresses

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    Default restricting my loop to specific IP addresses

    Please refer to following code:

     Connection[] MainConnection = new Connection[7];  
              String[] RemoteIPAddress = new String[7];   
                RemoteIPAddress[0] = "aa.aa.a.aaa";  
                RemoteIPAddress[1] = "bb.bb.b.bbb";  
                RemoteIPAddress[2] = "cc.cc.c.ccc";  
                RemoteIPAddress[3] = "dd.dd.d.ddd";  
                RemoteIPAddress[4] = "ee.ee.e.eee";  
                RemoteIPAddress[5] = "ff.ff.f.fff";  
                RemoteIPAddress[6] = "gg.gg.g.ggg"; 
                while(i<7) {  
                             try {             
                               Connection connRemote = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://xx.xx.x.xxx:3306/test",MainUser,MainPass);  
                                String maindbsql = "SELECT IP_vch   FROM   Maindb.TableIPStatus WHERE IPStatus = 1";  
                                Statement stmt = connRemote.createStatement();  
                                Resultset rs = stmt.executeQuery(maindbsql);  
                                        String ipAddress = rs.getString("IP_vch");                     
                                        System.out.println("The value of ipAddress is:"+ipAddress);  
                                            MainConnection[i] = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://" + RemoteIPAddress[i] + ":3306/test",RemoteUser,RemotePass);  
                                    }// END Of WHILE (rs.next())  
                            }catch(SQLException e){  
        } END OF ORIGINAL WHILE LOOP while (i < 7)

    The output of the following statement :
    [b] System.out.println("The value of ipAddress is:"+ipAddress);  [/b] is: bb.bb.b.bbb and cc.cc.c.ccc.
    Therefore I wish to consider only these two IP addresses for opening connection on the following line:
    MainConnection[i] = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://" + RemoteIPAddress[i] + ":3306/test",RemoteUser,RemotePass);
    But since I have already defined, RemoteIPAddress array from 0 - 6 at the start, the connection is getting opened for all the IP address. Please advise how can I restrict myself to some specific IP addresses as discussed above.

    For reference, here is my database schema:

    SQL Fiddle


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    Default Re: restricting my loop to specific IP addresses

    But since I have already defined, RemoteIPAddress array from 0 - 6 at the start . . .
    Wait to define the RemoteIPAddress array until you know which addresses it should contain, OR don't populate the array with ALL possible addresses, only those that are valid. If you don't know in advance how many of the possible addresses will be valid, use a variable length data structure, perhaps an ArrayList.

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