we are migrating our code from oracle to sqlserver 2012,in oracle we use cursor and we have created stored procedure
with cursor as output parameter in sql server too ,but how can i access it from java ,

what the matching registerOutParameter for v_LoginUserCursor it type for cursor in sql sever ?
any Equivalent type of OracleTypes.CURSOR in sqlserver 2012 ?

This is my code

CallableStatement cs = con.prepareCall("{ call dbo.[PKG_AUTHSTAR.USP_GetAllUsersWithFilter](?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) }");
cs.setString("v_FirstNameFilter", "Chacko");
cs.setString("v_LastNameFilter", "Shijo");
cs.setString("v_IDFilter", "C151147");

cs.registerOutParameter("v_LoginUserCursor", ?);

cs.registerOutParameter("v_ErrorText", java.sql.Types.VARCHAR);
cs.registerOutParameter("v_ErrorNum", java.sql.Types.INTEGER);
boolean flag =cs.execute();

Thanks in advance for ur help
it's an urgent requirement for me.