Hello i've got this code:

DatabaseManager.init("com.inet.tds.TdsDriver", "jdbc:inetdae:", "username", "password", 10);
which links to:

public static void init(String JDBCDriver, String parURL, String parUserName, String parPassWord, int maxConnections) throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException {
    URL = parURL;
    userName = parUserName;
    passWord = parPassWord;
But gives me this fault:

DatabaseManager.getConnection() : java.sql.SQLException: The url cannot be null

By this script:

public static void openConnection() throws SQLException{
    connection = DriverManager.getConnection(URL, userName, passWord);
public static Connection getConnection() {
    try {
        if (connection!=null) {
            if (connection.isClosed())
        else {
    } catch (SQLException e) {
            System.out.println("deze fout: DatabaseManager.getConnection() : " + e);    
        return null;
    return connection;
Does anyone have a clue why it tells me the url is empty?

Please let me know if you need to see more scripting