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Thread: Refreshing a JTabbedPane?

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    Default Refreshing a JTabbedPane?

    Alright, yet another question. Below I have a sample of a JTabbedPane I've been working on.
    Every time the user clicks the sword icon it counts up.
    I used this code to make it update the count displayed when it detects its been clicked:
    swordCount.setText("Sword Count: " + count);
    So basically I'm lazy and want to know if there is a different way to refresh a tab?
    I thought these might do the trick:
    and I've included them in the code below.
    But alas they do nothing. I'm not really sure what they are suppose to do anyway.
    Any suggestions?

    //25.13 1039
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.net.MalformedURLException;
    import java.net.URL;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class CCD  extends JDialog 
    	public int count = 0;
    	private JButton fancyJButton;
    	public JLabel swordCount = new JLabel("Sword Count: " + count, SwingConstants.CENTER);;
    	JPanel panel1 = new JPanel(); // create first panel
    	// set up GUI
    	public CCD(Frame owner, String title, boolean modal)
    		 super(owner, title, modal);
    		 System.out.println("In Command Center");
    		JTabbedPane tabbedPane = new JTabbedPane(); // create JTabbedPane
    		// set up panel1 and add it to JTabbedPane
    		JLabel label1 = new JLabel("panel one ", SwingConstants.CENTER);
    		panel1.add(label1); // add label to panel
    		tabbedPane.addTab("Tab One", null, panel1, "First Panel");
    		// creates plain button and adds it to panel1
    		JButton plainJButton = new JButton("Plain Button"); // button with text
    		// creates a fancy button and adds it to panel1
    		Icon sword1 = new ImageIcon(("http://oi52.tinypic.com/307rt36.jpg"));
    		Icon sword2 = new ImageIcon(("http://i55.tinypic.com/2u9780i.jpg"));
    			sword1 = new ImageIcon(new URL(
    		} catch (MalformedURLException e)
    			sword2 = new ImageIcon(new URL(
    		} catch (MalformedURLException e)
    		fancyJButton = new JButton("Sword Button", sword1); // set image
    		fancyJButton.setRolloverIcon(sword2); // set rollover image
    		panel1.add(fancyJButton); // add fancyJbutton
    		panel1.add(swordCount); // add label to panel
    		// create new BUttonHandler for button event handling
    		ButtonHandler handler = new ButtonHandler();
    		// set up panel2 and it to JTabbedPane
    		JLabel label2 = new JLabel("panel two", SwingConstants.CENTER);
    		JPanel panel2 = new JPanel(); // create second panel
    		panel2.setBackground(Color.YELLOW); // set background color to yellow
    		panel2.add(label2); // add label to panel 2
    		tabbedPane.addTab("Tab Two", null, panel2, "Second Panel");
    		// set up panel3 and add it to JTabbedPane
    		JLabel label3 = new JLabel("panel three");
    		JPanel panel3 = new JPanel(); // create third panel
    		panel3.setLayout(new BorderLayout());// use border layout
    		panel3.add(new JButton("North"), BorderLayout.NORTH);
    		panel3.add(new JButton("West"), BorderLayout.WEST);
    		panel3.add(new JButton("East"), BorderLayout.EAST);
    		panel3.add(new JButton("South"), BorderLayout.SOUTH);
    		panel3.setBackground(Color.BLACK); // set background color to black
    		panel3.add(label3, BorderLayout.CENTER);
    		tabbedPane.addTab("Tab THree", null, panel3, "Third Panel");
    		add(tabbedPane); // add JTabbedPane to frame
    	}// end public JTabbedPaneFrame
    	// inner class forbutton event handling
    	private class ButtonHandler implements ActionListener
    		// handle button event
    		public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event)
    			JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(CCD.this, String.format(
    					"You pressed %s", event.getActionCommand()));
    			if (event.getSource() == fancyJButton)
    				 * JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(JTabbedPaneFrame.this,
    				 * String.format( "You pressed %s", event.getActionCommand()));
    				System.out.printf("The sword has been clicked: %d\n", count);
    				swordCount.setText("Sword Count: " + count);
    }// end class JTabbedPaneFrame

    For Testing.
    //25.14 1039
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    public class JTabbedPaneDemo
    	public static void main(String[] args)
    		CCD tabbedPaneFrame = new CCD(null, "Dialog Frame", true);
    		tabbedPaneFrame.setSize(250, 200); // set frame size
    		tabbedPaneFrame.setVisible(true); // display frame
    	}// end main
    }// end class JTabbedPaneDemo

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    Default Re: Refreshing a JTabbedPane?

    int x  = 5;
    int y = 2 * x;
    x = 10;
    The output of the above code is 10 & 10 not 10 & 20. Just because x is changed y is not automagically updated.
    public JLabel swordCount = new JLabel("Sword Count: " + count, SwingConstants.CENTER);;
    If I understand correctly you are expecting the same thing with your code. Just because the value of count changes it does not mean your JLabel will automagically be updated too. If you want the JLabel to display something different then you must call the setText method.

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    Default Re: Refreshing a JTabbedPane?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hallowed View Post
    So basically I'm lazy and want to know if there is a different way to refresh a tab?
    I don't get it - you have to write the setText("..." + count) code whatever way you do it, but you only have to write it once - what has being lazy got to do with anything?

    If you want the text to change, you have to change the text...

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