I'm stuck with a java problem for a few days now and it doesn't seem that hard to solve but I always get lost.

So I got this 3Dmouse (connexion spacenavigator) and I want to write a Event / mouse(motion)listener for this. So that I can do Component.addMouse3DListener().

I allready got a class that reads the input from the 3Dmouse.

The point where I'm stuck is I can't see where the mouseMotionListeners gets there source (where they connect to the mouse) so I can't change this.

Can somebody give me an example of a mouse/event listener that is created for other hardware (joystick) so that I can see how this works or just explain what classes I need to create and how to make them work together.

What i got so far is I have to create an object source for the input, a event object for the data, an event handler to see when the event occurs, but when I try to make my own I allways have to change aboud 10 classes and then get lost.

any help would be realy appriciated