hi all

I wasn't sure which forum which be best to post this, so I thought I would post it here.

I have been learning java through Herbert Schildt's book, "Java, A Beginner's Guide" and I recently ordered "Swing, A Beginner's Guide".

I am aware that Sun has an online tutorial, and I have been using that too. However, I have found that Schildt's books provide good and clear explanations with examples and I like the general teaching style of them. They are beginner friendly.

However, I have been reading online that his books contain errors and teach poor programming practices. Those who make these claims point to this link: The Annotated Annotated C Standard

I realize that this link is a review for one of his older C books. But, as I said, I am still a beginner so it would be hard to tell if there were any errors in his java books. I would just like to get some opinions and responses from any experts and professionals out there who are familiar with his books.