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Thread: Feedback on java assignment

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    Default Feedback on java assignment


    I have just started to learn Java and programming in general from different youtube videos. I am currently working on the assignments from here stanford.edu/class/cs106a/handouts/13-assignment-2.pdf and I would be happy if I could get some feedback on the code I have written.

    Assignment 3

    import acm.program.*;

    public class FindRange extends ConsoleProgram {
    public void run() {
    println("This program finds the largets and smallest numbers that the user put in, enter 0 to stop the program");

    double inmatat = 1;
    double large = 0;
    double small = 1;
    int counter = 0;
    while (inmatat != 0){

    if (inmatat > large){
    large = inmatat;
    if (counter == 1 ){
    small = inmatat;

    if (inmatat < small){
    small = inmatat;
    inmatat = readInt("Enter n1; ");

    if ( counter !=1){
    println("The largets number is " + large);
    println("The smallest numbers is " + small);
    else {
    println("The program was stoped without any numbers input from user");

    Assignment 4

    import acm.graphics.*;
    import acm.program.*;
    import java.awt.*;

    public class Target extends GraphicsProgram {
    public void run() {
    GOval circle1 = new GOval(100, 20, 144, 144);
    add (circle1);
    GOval circle2 = new GOval(125.2, 45.2, 93.6, 93.6);
    add (circle2);
    GOval circle3 = new GOval(150.4, 70.4, 43.2, 43.2);
    add (circle3);


    Assignment 5

    import acm.graphics.*;
    import acm.program.*;
    import java.awt.*;

    public class ProgramHierarchy extends GraphicsProgram {
    public void run() {

    double widht = 200;
    double height = 80;

    GRect rek1 = new GRect(getWidth()/2-widht/2, getHeight()/2-3*(height), widht, height);
    add (rek1);
    GRect rek2 = new GRect(getWidth()/2-widht/2, getHeight()/2-(height), widht, height);
    add (rek2);
    GRect rek3 = new GRect(getWidth()/2-2*widht, getHeight()/2-(height), widht, height);
    add (rek3);
    GRect rek4 = new GRect(getWidth()/2+widht, getHeight()/2-(height), widht, height);
    add (rek4);

    GLine linjeRek3TillRek1 = new GLine(( getWidth()/2)-(1.5*widht), (getHeight()/2)-(height), getWidth()/2, getHeight()/2-2*(height));
    add (linjeRek3TillRek1);

    GLine linjeRek2TillRek1 = new GLine( getWidth()/2, getHeight()/2-(height), getWidth()/2, getHeight()/2-2*(height));
    add (linjeRek2TillRek1);

    GLine linjeRek4TillRek1 = new GLine( getWidth()/2+(1.5*widht), getHeight()/2-(height), getWidth()/2, getHeight()/2-2*(height));
    add (linjeRek4TillRek1);

    GLabel label = new GLabel("Program");
    label.setLocation(getWidth()/2-label.getWidth()/2, getHeight()/2-(2.5*(height)));

    GLabel label2 = new GLabel("GraphicsProgram");
    label2.setLocation(getWidth()/2-label.getWidth(), getHeight()/2-(height/2));

    GLabel label3 = new GLabel("ConsoleProgram");
    label3.setLocation(getWidth()/2-1.5*widht-label.getWidth(), getHeight()/2-(height/2));

    GLabel label4 = new GLabel("DialogProgram");
    label4.setLocation(getWidth()/2+1.5*widht-label.getWidth(), getHeight()/2-(height/2));


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    Default Re: Feedback on java assignment

    When posting code, please use the highlight tags.

    You also might want to split this up into multiple questions, with the question for each assignment along with the code. Make it easy for people to help you, and you'll be more likely to receive better help.

    But really, I wouldn't worry too much about making the code perfect at this point. There a million ways to accomplish any given goal. Does the code do what the assignment asked? If so, good. Besides, anything you write now will look terrible to you in 6 months (this fact never changes, even after a decade of programming), so it doesn't make a ton of sense to waste a lot of time making it perfect. Instead, keep practicing! Write more programs, or modify these programs to do something else. That's a much better use of your time than making sure your syntax is perfect.
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    Default Re: Feedback on java assignment

    Yes the code does what the assignment is asking for. So I will take your advice and spend my time writing more programs and modify the ones that I have done.

    Thanks for the help!

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