Okay, I just came up with this AWESOME idea where I make an OS...easier said than done. But I'm luckily not without resources or experience. I just need two things...1) Help with a project that is essential your all-in-one data manipulator. It should be able to automatically compress, encrypt, decrypt, change the file type, hex dump, hex build, binary dump, binary build, compile (certain languages > assembly), "connect" files (for building together assembly and compiled C). The other part is starting to research implementing Java, or something like Java, as my first language is going to be built (obviously) on top of native language, but also platform independent...sounds like Java to me. Anyone want to point me in the right direction? (break from text wall)
I think I'm going to start by being able to auto change the file type with a command line sort of deal. But how is that done? I know alot of file IO, I just don't know what to do about this. I thought about maybe using these steps (break from text wall 2)

1. Open File
2. Create New File
3. Copy...Copy...Copy some more...Copy...
4. Delete Old File

But we run into a problem. Let's say a file is 487 bits long...we have a problem...we can't read the last 7 bits with Java...at least not using DataInputStream...Is there a solution?