I'm pretty new to Java, I've tinkered with it a little off and on but am a beginner for sure. I do have many years of experience with Basic, Fortran, Pascal, and C++, but just as a hobbiest and am currently pretty rusty. I have one question and would appreciate some direction with some web programming I would like to create and use as guide as to what I need to learn first within Java.

First, and I have to admit that I didn't do much searching before posting this, I was wondering if there is a JDK that can be used with an iPad? Much of what I end up doing will be on a Windows-based pc, but it would be convenient at times to work with an iPad.

Second, I have setup and maintain 22 weather stations throughout Northern Utah and the data from these stations are posted to several web locations, including an FTP site. I'm assuming since I'm dealing with an FTP server vs an http server that Java is the way to go for what I'm wanting to accomplish.

I've developed an Excel spreadsheet that queries 22 different files on the FTP server that contain two columns of weather element information. The first column contains the label of the specific weather element and the second column contains the value or data. The spreadsheet imports the entire (current) "table" in and then I'm able to create other "pages" of data comparison between stations.

I want to make this a web-based thing instead of Excel-based, not to mention have the flexibility to do some other thing with it as we'll. I really need some direction from experience Java programmers how I might best approach this and that will help define my course of study of the language, hopefully bypassing the traditional "Hello World" lesson and how to perform basic arithmetic.

If anyone wants to see or experiment with the files I need to read and extract from, this is one of the 22:

Thanks in advance for any replies.