Hi All ,

I am facing a problem in pagination .

Scenarios: On the load of the jsp The paginations links are appearing. However , I have three buttons in my jsp on the click of which , the same jsp is loaded , but the pagination is not occurring in a co-ordinated manner. also I have 1 form in my jsp and i am taking cpageno and ipage no in request variable.

these are the declarations used.
int iShowRows = 20; // Number of records show on per page
int iTotalSearchRecords = 5; // Number of pages index shown
int iTotalRows = 0; // total rows returned from db(9057)
int iTotalPages = 0; // total number of pages
int iPageNo = 0; // calculates current page no.
int cPageNo = 0;
int iStartResultNo = 0;
int iEndResultNo = 0;

function used to compute

Any quick response will be well appreciated.