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Thread: Re: Willing to volunteer 10 hours per week of programming time

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    Question Need help with a script

    I would apperciate it a lot if you or someone here could help me out. To be honest, I have no idea of JAVA or whatsoever, but I'm on this forum because I belive you really do And no, I'm not going to ask something like "uhm, I had this awesome idea of a pc game, I really put thought in it, I just need someone to write some code, I dont think it neeeds much, its just 2D..."
    What I am working on is a winterboard theme for iOS. I hope you are familiar with that, but if not it wouldn't be a problem. And I know you are doing this as a practice, but I believe what I am asking for is propably a no-brainer for you.
    The thing is, that in winterboard you put all you image files in a folder.theme. Then the original system files are swapped with those, if their name match (You do have do put them in the right sub folders tho)
    Now the problem I and a friend are faceing is, that this doest leaves much room for personal customization for the user of the theme as they can't change specific files within that theme. For example I would like to give the user an option of lets say 3 images to be used on the lockscreen. The only way to do it right now is to make 3 seperate themes, each with its own Lockscreen image. And when you now want to extend that to more images I think you can see where the problem is.
    Now the thing we want to make is a page in the settings.app where you could choose from said 3 images, select one, and then apply the selection. To do this, we have a plist that will show up as a selection menu in the settings.app (maybe we will make an actual app, that then will save the information in a plist, so in the end there is always a plist) The point where I'm stuck now is to write a (I think simple) script that can read the plist and rename files according to it. So now I only have to have on theme, that contains all 3 images, named for example imagetobeused.png and imagetobeusedALT1.png, imagetobeusedALT2.png. Depending on which of these 3 the user has chosen the script should rename that one to imagetobeused.png and the other ones to ""ALT1 and ""ALT2.. I hope you understand this

    So, if someone here could give me an overview on what has to be done to achief this and how I actually cloud. If you need more information, just ask. Any help will be apperciated, although I might just sound like a stupid kid who has no idea what he is doing. I kindof have .

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    Default Re: Willing to volunteer 10 hours per week of programming time

    Please don't reply to a year old-thread about something off topic. I have moved your post to a more appropriate forum

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