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Thread: needs help in java programming.

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    Default needs help in java programming.

    1. Give a segment of code that will find the position, posLastZero,
    of the last zero element among a[0], a[1], ..., a[n-1]. That is,
    posLastZero should be the largest integer such that
    a[posLastZero] is equal to zero. The value of n is given. If
    there is no zero element among a[0], a[1], ..., a[n-1], the code
    should set posLastZero equal to a negative one.

    Example: n = 7 a[0] = 5
    a[1] = 0
    a[2] = 7
    a[3] = 0
    a[4] = 3
    a[5] = 0
    a[6] = 9

    The code should leave posLastZero equal to 5 in this case, because
    a[5] is the last zero element among a[0], a[1], ..., a[n-1].
    This is only an example; your code must handle any case.

    2. Copy the elements a[0], a[1], ..., a[n-1] into the array b[], but
    rescale them by dividing them by a[0]. For example, if n=4,
    a[0]=1.5, a[1]=9.0, a[2]=3.0, and a[3]=6.0 before the code is
    executed, then afterwards the values of the elements of b()
    should be b[0]=1.0, b[1]=6.0, b[2]=2.0, and b[3]=4.0.
    Each element has been divided by the value, 1.5, of a[0].
    This is only an example; of course your code must be general
    and must handle any number of elements.

    3. Given nA and a[0], a[1], ..., a[nA - 1], with the elements a[j] in
    nondecreasing order (a[0] <= a[1] <= ... <= a[nA-1]), give a segment
    of code that will "squeeze out the duplicates in-place" and
    will set nA equal to the number of unique elements in a.
    That is, if nA=5, a[0]=0.0, a[1]=0.0, a[2]=1.2, a[3]=2.3, and a[4]=2.3,
    then after execution of the code the contents should be a[0]=0.0,
    a[1]=1.2, and a[2]=2.3, and nA=3. The duplicate elements (the second
    value of 0.0 and the second value of 2.3) have been eliminated from
    the array.
    (The final contents of a[3] and a[4] can be anything.)
    This is only an example. Your code must be general and must not
    contain any "magic numbers".

    4. How should you declare your instance variables in a class?

    5. Write a constructor for a class named Dog that has instance variables of
    String name, String breed, and int age.

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    Default Re: needs help in java programming.

    What questions do you have about your assignment?
    Post your code with your questions.

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    Default Re: needs help in java programming.

    Quote Originally Posted by ryano View Post
    needs help in java programming.
    When I read this, I can't help but think, "it puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose..." Useful titles not only help you get help, but they also help us keep from thinking about creepy movies.
    Useful links: How to Ask Questions the Smart Way | Use Code Tags | Java Tutorials
    Static Void Games - Play indie games, learn from game tutorials and source code, upload your own games!

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    Default Re: needs help in java programming.

    Yeah, I always hate the times I forget what kind of forums i'm on. But luckily the poster reminded me.

    People must really think people will do their homework assignments for them... At least make a little effort...

  5. The Following User Says Thank You to Emperor_Xyn For This Useful Post:

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