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Thread: Sorting Formatted Numbers In JTable

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    Default Sorting Formatted Numbers In JTable

    Ok, well I have a JTable with several different types of text in each column and I would like to know how to specify how to sort each column. Some of the text is just text, some are numbers, and some are formatted numbers. At the moment, it is obviously treating each column as Strings, so it is just sorting based on the text-equivalent of each cell of data.

    So, here is the outline of the cells, 2 examples of their data, and how I want to sort them (column numbers are in indexes):

    Column 2:
    Type: Double, only positive numbers
    Example 1: 150
    Example 2: 1,000.25
    Sort Goal: Numerically

    Column 3:
    Type: String containing a double and an int, only positive numbers
    Example 1: 1,098/1,098
    Example 2: 29.15/150
    Sort Goal: Numerically by the number after the slash

    Column 4:
    Type: String, representing a percentage, only positive percentage
    Example 1: 100%
    Example 2: 15%
    Sort Goal: Numerically

    Column 5:
    Type: Double, can be negative or positive
    Example 1: 27,110.13
    Example 2: -289.74
    Sort Goal: Numerically

    Here is my code of giving the ability to sort:
    RowSorter<TableModel> sorter = new TableRowSorter<TableModel>(model);

    I've been trying to do several things, but I just don't understand enough about how the TableRowSorter works in order for me to break some ground here. Can anyone give me some guidance as to how to specify how I want the rows to be sorted?

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    Default Re: Sorting Formatted Numbers In JTable

    You need to override the method getColumnClass() in your table model class (extends from AbstractTableModel).
    This method returns Class type for each column, so the TableRowSorter will sort columns accordingly.

    The following example will make the table sorts the 1st column as number (Integer.class) and other columns as String (String.class)

        public Class getColumnClass(int column) {
            if (column == 1) {
                return Integer.class;
            } else {
                return String.class;

    immutable objects
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