I have a class, ClassA that implements interface, InterfaceB.

using a class factory, I create an instance of ClassA and return it as an instance of InterfaceB.

interface InterfaceB {
    public String interfaceBMethod();
class  ClassA implements InterfaceB {
//  classA stuff here
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        ClassA myClassA = new ClassA();
    public String interfaceBMethod() {
        String name = "Dale";
        throw new Exception("Test Exception");
        //return name;

I call an interface method on my ClassA instance but the debugger never steps into the implementation of interfaceBMethod. The exception gets thrown but I can't debug into the interfaceBMethod implementation. It makes debugging my implementation very difficult.

Is there a something I am missing that I need to do to debug the interface implmentation?



--- Update ---

I found the problem. It was stepping into the method but was stepping beyond into an incompleted method. WHen there are multiple method calls in a statement it skips over them unless I repeatedly hit F7 and then click on each method call in succession.