Hello everyone, first time user on this site and I am excited to start learning all there is to know about this field I am entering!

A little bit of background: I am an undergraduate student in the Information Systems study track, formerly worked the first few years in my 20's in the restaurant industry. The deeper I dove, the more I hated it. I decided to re-enroll in school a year or so ago and I have been working hard studying the Java source language.

The reason for this discussion is mainly to see what you all think should be my first steps in transitioning my part-time work to this field. I have a moderate amount of skill in the java language, and I am confident these base skills I gained while learning the syntax and general flow of the java language will help me pick up new languages in the future. Where should I look first to applying? For those of you who had a similar start to their IT-education, where did you first land a job in this field?

Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you!