Would like a Swing "gallery" app that shows all the components on a only 1 (or few) JPanels/JFrames that has dummy behaviors associated with it. Using default LAF is fine, but I'm using this to experiment with a new LAF.


I'm experimenting with creating a new LAF that brings an slightly more updated look using Swing without relying upon JavaFX and other technologies. I'm also not interested in 3rd party libraries. This is a learning expedition in comparing home-grown customized swing components to modifying the LAF.

The last time I did anything mucking directly with a new LAF was maybe 20 years ago back when things were still JFC and downloaded separately.

I'm focusing on the Synth subsystem for now.

Are there any complete "example" apps out there containing all the Swing components with dummy behaviors? It would be useful, over slapping together something of my own in a massive layout. I've used most all of the components before long-ago for customers, so I'm not worried about deeper functionality.